Project Description

High-voltage impulse track circuit device

The high voltage impulse track circuit device is used to detect the presence/absence status of the traction point in the AC 25,000 [V] train section and can be used not only in the AC train section but also in the non-train section.

Impedance bond 430A

Impedance bond 430A

Product Information

Permissible range of the current of the wire flowing in the impedance bond is 430A or more at the normal time, and 800A or more at the peak.

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  • It is a device that detects the presence or absence of trains, and it is possible that the related track circuit device and other conditions are in any condition.
  • A device available not only for non-railroad but also for AC 25,000V 50/60 Hz, especially for double track alternating current railway sections, because this device is highly efficient and operated by a specific impulse of 3 Hz.


Category Rating
Return Current Normal 430A
Return Current at Peak 800A
Size(mm) 440*380
Dickness(mm) 280
Weight(㎏) 40
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