Project Description

High-voltage impulse track circuit device

The high voltage impulse track circuit device is used to detect the presence/absence status of the traction point in the AC 25,000 [V] train section and can be used not only in the AC train section but also in the non-train section.

Impedance Bond (Transmit)

Impedance Bond (Transmit)

Product Information

A device that is installed at the boundary circuit point of the section of a train, and the return current of the catenary is sent to the next relay circuit section and the signal current flows only in one track circuit

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  • It is a device that detects the presence or absence of trains, and it is possible that the related track circuit device and other conditions are in any condition.
  • A device available not only for non-railroad but also for AC 25,000V 50/60 Hz, especially for double track alternating current railway sections, because this device is highly efficient and operated by a specific impulse of 3 Hz.


Category Rating Remark
Return Current Normal 200A
Return Current at Peak 800A
Size(㎜) 380*400(600) (600) Including booth bar
Dickness(㎜) 280
Weight 35kg
Waterproof Possible (Mold type)
Watertightness Possible (Mold type)
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