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Signal Power Supply

Power supply for railway signal is power supply which supply stable power according to signal control equipment.

Panel 3

Panel 3

Product Information

Panel controlling the signal rectifier (high frequency) and input / output control device and BATT.

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  • Signal power supply that supplies stabilized power to each signal equipment by use.
  • It is classified for Relay Interlocking System (RIS) and Electronic Interlocking System (EIS) depending on the using purpose.


  • RIS [relay interlocking device], EIS [electronic interlocking device]


  • Size: W(600)*D(500)*H(2000) / unit(mm) = 1 type 4 sites
  • Input voltage : AC 220V (1Ø 60㎐)
  • Quantity of transformer
Category I/O Power
Input [V] Output [V]
STr 220V 60V
PTr 220V 220V
TTr 220V 110V/220V
ITr 220V 18,20,22,24V
RTr 220V 110V/220V
ETr 220V 220V
BTr 220V 600V
LTr 220V 220V
ATPr 220V 220V
CTr 220V 220V
Conditions Output voltage error: Within ± 2%
No-load power loss: less than 6%
Efficiency (at the full load): 90% or more
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