Project Description

Non-Isolated Audible Frequency (AF) Track Circuit Device

It is a non-insulated track circuit device designed for AC or DC train section where there is electromagnetic interference (mainly generated from the harmonic wave of the electric line power supply). It detects the presence/absence of the train, does not carry a speed code.

Power Module

Power Module

Product Information

used for relay, end and block, and supplies stable power to the system.

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  • Detecting the presence of trains to prevent accidents
  • Achieve safe operation of trains by communicating the train speed and vehicle operation information to the locomotive


Category Rating
Rating Input voltage AC220V, 60Hz, Single phase
Input voltage Allowable Range AC 176V~264V
Rated Output Voltage and Current DC24V/8A
Efficiency ± 2% of the set output voltage
Stability against Output Load ± 2% of the set output voltage
Pulse Rate and Noise Voltage 2V or less at rated load (between maximum value and minimum value)
Adjustment Range of Output Voltage -10%~ +15%
Efficiency Higher than 80%
Indicating Light and Power Switch DC Output indicator: DC24V, Green
Fault Indicating Light FAIL, Red
Insulation Resistance 100㏁ (DC1,000V Insulation Resistance Device)
Dielectric Strength 1st site : AC 2,000V- for 1 minute (Leakage current – less than 0.5㎃)
Size(㎜) 73(W)×300(L)×177(H)
Power Switch,AC Fuse
Output voltage regulator, Output voltage measurement terminal
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