Project Description

Automatic Block System(ABS)

A device to control signaling device, automatic train stopping device (ATS), etc. by the track circuit in the occlusion section by using the insertion type small nonpolar line relay.

Sending Module

Sending Module

Product Information

The Sending Module is divided into functions and operated by DC10 [V], receives the transmission control information condition, and transmits the transmission frequency through the line transformer and the communication security device.

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  • Minimized contact failure by using a small, non-polar relay that is stable in structure
  • It is modularized for each application and easy to maintain
  • 1: 1 replacement with existing equipment is possible
  • The control relay of the system and the power of the transmission / reception card are composed of two relays so that the reliability is improved.


Category Rating
Rela Operating Voltage DC 24V ±3V
Relay Contact Number 2F 2B
Current Consumption 35㎃ or less
Module Input voltage DC 10V ± 1V
Frequency Domain 0.625㎑~2.625㎑(250㎐ Interval) f1~f9
2.625㎑~7.125㎑(500㎐ Interval) f10~f18
Maximum Transit Voltage Level 700~900㎷(Track Resistance 600Ω)
(Level adjustment reqired at field installation)
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