Project Description

Non-Isolated Audible Frequency (AF) Track Circuit Device

It is a non-insulated track circuit device designed for AC or DC train section where there is electromagnetic interference (mainly generated from the harmonic wave of the electric line power supply). It detects the presence/absence of the train, does not carry a speed code.

Transmission module

Transmission module

Product Information

The blocking transmission module shall display the DC24V, transmission voltage, receiving current, relay operating voltage value received from the receiving module on the front side and be able to assign each unique address. In addition, it is compatible with the same structure of units for in-stations and block

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  • Detecting the presence of trains to prevent accidents
  • Achieve safe operation of trains by communicating the train speed and vehicle operation information to the locomotive


Category Rating
Operating Voltage DC 24V
Communication RS-232
Type Units for in-stations and block are same
(Classified by internal dip switch )
Use Installed in block device box
(Send transmission / reception information, track occupation state, signal state information, etc. to the machine room)
Size(㎜) 73(W)×300(L)×177(H)
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