Audio Frequency(AF) Track curcuit

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  • Detecting the presence of trains to prevent accidents
  • Achieve safe operation of trains by communicating the train speed and vehicle operation information to the locomotive
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Receiving module

Receiving module used in stations and for relay and block receives the track circuit signal output from the transmitting module, and generates a voltage of the orbital relay when a normal signal is input to operate the track relay. The operation indicator on the front side of the receiving module can be used to check the abnormality of the module. In addition, it has a built-in monitoring device for collecting monitoring of operation status inside the receiving module.


Pre-Nonpolar Line Relay

The track relay of the AF track circuit accepts the output voltage of the sending module from the receiving module, and if the input signal exceeds a certain value, the relay output voltage is generated to operate the relay. In addition, if the input signal is smaller than a certain value, the relay output voltage is not generated and the relay is not driven. The track circuit relay is based on the railway standard KRS SG 0005 (non-polar line relay).