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Innovation Technology Development

We provide safer and more innovative railway transportation solutions.

Safer and more innovative railway
transportation solutions

We aim to provide new levels of safety in railway transportation through innovative technologies.
Our future diagnostic system utilizes not only electric and electronic sensors but also additional sensors such as laser, vibration, magnetic field, and frequency. This enables us to provide a broader range of measurement tools and define what can be measured in railway environments. Our solution yields more reliable results compared to existing alternatives.

Our system continuously analyzes the energy flowing through the rails and uses proprietary algorithms to evaluate the data in real-time. This allows us to proactively prevent any accidents by detecting and addressing potential issues before they occur.

Our system, currently under development, utilizes self-learning capabilities to ensure high autonomy and expanded event classification. Through self-learning, it continuously strengthens its capabilities, allowing for improved performance in autonomously identifying and classifying events.

Through these technological advancements and innovations, we are planning to introduce disruptive innovation products.

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