Design, Safety Diagnosis, Supervision, Electric Engineering and consulting of Railway Signaling System

SR provides engineering services in the areas of planning, detailed design, Safety Diagnosis, construction engineering, Electric construction, consulting, and business support for the operation control systems of various types of trains, including conventional railways, high-speed railways, urban railways, light railways, AGT (Automatic Guided Transit), track procedures, industrial railways, and subways.


SR is engaged in the design of signaling and communication facilities for high-speed railways, conventional railways, subways, light railways, and overall road traffic. We also perform equipment improvement designs for the signaling and communication systems of existing railways to enhance their performance. With Our extensive design capabilities, SR guarantees system designs optimized for the respective projects through precise on-site surveys.

  • Conventional railway
  • High-Speed Rail
  • Subway and Urban Rail
  • Light Rail
  • New Transportation System
Electric, Signal, and Rail Engineering
  • 01

    Technical Research

  • 02

    Basic Plan

  • 03

    Basic Design

  • 04

    Detailed Design

  • 05

    Value Engineering

  • 06

    Design Review

  • 07

    Writing Business proposal

  • 08


  • 09

    Operations and
    Management Plan

Safety diagnosis

SR identifies physical and functional defects in railway facilities and conducts investigations, measurements, and evaluations of structural safety and the causes of defects. We promptly and appropriately take measures and propose repair/reinforcement methods to ensure the functionality and safety maintenance of the facilities, thereby preventing accidents and disasters. SR strives to enhance the effectiveness of structures

  • Precision Safety Diagnosis/Precision Safety Inspection/Regular Inspections
  • Performance Evaluation/Seismic Performance Evaluation
  • Facilities/Bridges and Tunnels/Repair Field Performance Evaluation

Request and Project Progression

  • a. Client's Request: SR listens to the requests from the client, understanding their needs and requirements.
  • b. Understanding the Purpose of the Investigation: SR comprehends the purpose and objectives of the investigation.
  • c. Determining Investigation Level and Scope: SR determines the level of investigation and the specific items and scope to be covered.
  • d. Submission and Finalization of Cost Estimate: SR prepares and submits a cost estimate for the project, which is then finalized.
  • e. Writing the Contract and Contract Agreement: SR prepares the contract document and ensures the contract is officially established.

On-site Investigation (Building Inspection and Diagnosis)

SR visits the site directly to conduct measurements and inspections.

Preparation of Investigation Report

SR compiles and analyzes the data collected during the on-site investigation and prepares a comprehensive report.

Reporting of Inspection and Diagnosis Results

SR prepares an inspection report, which is then bound into a booklet and submitted to the client.

Total Facility Management Service

SR provides a comprehensive facility management service, including regular inspections and precise diagnostics, to identify safety management and disaster risks. From inspections to ongoing management, SR ensures the monitoring and assessment of various aspects related to facility maintenance and safety.

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